Peanut butter

The classic spread has never tasted better

There are some delicious peanut butters around but they’re not cheap and none tastes as good as this homemade one. It’s ridiculously easy to make too.

Here’s the whizz…

400g unsalted peanuts, shelled, husks removed
Note: Salted peanuts can be used if you prefer salty peanut butter

Here’s the whizz…

All you do is add the peanuts to the jug, position the lid and tamper then select medium speed and press the nuts onto the blade using the tamper. Do this for no longer than 10-15 seconds. Remove the tamper, select the dip button and allow the Versa to blend and finish. The crumbly nuts will miraculously turn into ‘butter’. For a smoother consistency blend for a further minute on high.

Tips: Gently toasting the nuts for a few minutes before blending (if not pre-roasted) will add a richer flavour. You can make other nut butters – almond, pistachio – in the same way.