Carrot and Coriander Raw Blend Soup

It’s raw and it’s absolutely phwoar…

Raw soup sounds strange but tastes great, like a savoury smoothie, and is highly nutritious. This simple recipe makes hot soup from raw ingredients in 5 minutes, using the Versa’s soup programme button.

Here’s the whizz…

Serves 3-4

500g Chanteray (baby) carrots, washed
3-4g coriander seeds
1 large handful of fresh coriander
500ml of water
1 stock cube or seasoning

Here’s the whizz…

Place all the ingredients into the jug. Pulse for a few seconds to combine the ingredients.
Select the ‘soup’ button and let the Versa do its thing. When the blender stops remove the jug from the base, pour into bowls and garnish with a swirl of natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of fresh coriander. Yum!